On November 6th, 2018


For Austin City Council District 1

Meet Mariana

District 1 is facing serious challenges that deserve sustained, focused and real solutions. At the same time, it faces many amazing opportunities, building on the strength of its people and community assets.

As a young mother and committed and experienced public servant – I have the right experiences and values to represent my District 1 neighbors. I am ready to advocate for policies to make Austin a more inclusive,  affordable, and prosperous home for all.



Let's make Austin affordable, addressing housing and other costs.

Economic Opportunity

Let's create more economic opportunity for all, starting with education.


Let's ensure everyone has a chance at achieving prosperity.

District 1 in Austin, TX


Do you want to know if you live in District 1?

Public Supporters

  • Alejandro Sanchez
  • Alex Ayala
  • Andres Henriquez
  • Amy Wong
  • Anne Folan
  • Bill Moore
  • Chris Crookham
  • Christopher MacPherson
  • Douglas Mercado
  • Jacob Leos-Urbel
  • Javier Moreno
  • Jim Heyes
  • Hector Flores
  • Ileana Zambrano
  • Franklin Berrios
  • Gillian Gutierrez
  • Karen Lunger
  • Maria Clara Garcia
  • Marco Marrera
  • Maria Pirela
  • Mariann Rodriguez
  • Matthew Hooks
  • Rita Gonzales-Garza
  • Rosemary Moore
  • Pedro Zambrano
  • Tewodaj Meginstu
  • Thu Rajan
  • Thy Ta